PDX 1.17 - Semisexual Tour with Mr. Projectile and Comma

The Semisexual tour lands in portland bringing you some of the finest in forward thinking electronica.

Mr Projectile

Semisexual, SF

[Live Hardware set]

“I first heard proper electronic music in 1992 on a radio show called Depth Probe in Minneapolis. The feeling I got instantly was: what had I been missing out on? So a huge contributing factor in the beginning was me wanting to be a contributing factor to the electronic music world. I would say that it is still the huge motivating force behind why I love making electronic music.

myspace. com/semisexual


Slidecamp, Semisexual, SF



A chief architect of the intricate, intelligent “forest crunk” sound that defines the warped productions of his side project with the Boreta.

With an upcoming Slidecamp LP on renowned electronic label n5MD, a solo release out soon on Mr. Projectile’s Semisexual imprint, a few special remixes in the works, and an all-original live set that can only be described as an emotional journey, the bright future is under way for this wide-eyed Cascadian.

myspace. com/commasound
staylucid. com


Native State Records, PDX

“A dj is in essence a story teller, and to not fall into the trap of having one story to tell over and over again I spend a lot of time researching and expanding my ‘library’.

www. phidelity. com..


Colony Recordings UK, PDX

[Live Hardware Set]

“I am heavily influenced by idm, electronica,acid music, minimal beats, and sound design/ambient….Lately have switched to a slower all hardware live set off of An Elektron Machinedrum and Monomachine along with various effects and such. Dark midtempo, crunchy beats.

myspace. com/b0t23..

Saturday, January 17

at the crown room

205 NW 4th av - portland

All for a simple 5 bucks


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