Readers of Stay Lucid,

As you may have noticed, I have not been updating the site as much as I used to in recent months.  Life got overwhelming, and I didn’t have the energy to continue working on content.  As it stands now, Stay Lucid in its current form is coming to an end.  The site will remain available as an archive to anyone who stumbles across it.  When Stay Lucid returns in the future (which may be near or far), it will take a different shape from what is now.  I hope you will be around for the experience.

In the meantime, I will be focusing my energy on, bringing new features, interviews, podcasts, and exclusives to that site.  I will also be re-launching my site and blogging on my personal projects and interests from there.

I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the artists who have contributed something in the last couple years, without whom none of this would have existed.  Stay lucid!



Kinda wild when an artist like EPROM puts out a free batch of tunes that pretty much destroys all of what would be his competition. Luckily for us he’s on our side.  You have to know this dude already…we’ve been routing for him since day one.  If not, get familiar.  EPROM is an eclectic mad man that can pretty much crush any style of electronic production of his choosing…most notably in the areas of chugging nasty hip hop-derivative beats and broken post-crunk.  Peep his split 12″ with ESKMO on WARP RECORDS.

This new batch of goodies from EPROM is undeniably the future!! It’s on some Kim Kardash-bot versus Heidi Spencertron 3200 girl-bot on girl-bot cyber-scissors action.

Download RobotSexTape here from EPROM’s bandcamp page.  The singularity is near.

Monomachine SFX60 mk1 for sale!

Just put my monomachine up for sale on ebay because I’m broke.  If you’re interested… it’s a good deal and an amazing machine.


Stay Lucid family Dean Grenier aka DJG released today a two part series on his music store that is available on a name-your-price basis.  Voids One and Two are a collection of songs that he wanted to release to the world free of labels or intermediaries.  One and Two each have a distinct feeling that you can explore for yourself.



Today Frite Nite is proud to release the new EP by crust rave wunderkind Jasper aka NastyNasty.  We’ve been patiently waiting for these five tracks of retromutagen ooze to leak into public hands.  Stay Lucid and the whole Frite Nite family couldn’t be more proud of the bar Jasper has set here.  COP THAT!!!

Grab the MP3/FLAC at Boomkat

Visit NastyNasty on Soundcloud

EPROM live from Amsterdam

EPROM sent this from Amsterdam… he must have the munchies.


DJG posted this on Facebook today:

“I’m releasing a collection of 12 unreleased tracks in two parts called VOIDS ONE & TWO on September 15, exclusively at It’s not an album but it sort of feels like one. It will be released for free. I’m so excited to share it with you.”

Drink The Sea Part II: The Mixtape

The Glitch Mob is back with a fresh take on their album Drink The Sea.  Grab this mixtape, and hear it all in a different light.

Drink The Sea Part II:  The Mixtape

Drink The Sea Part II:  The Mixtape [Direct Download]

“Bad Wings” vs. La Roux “In For The Kill”  [Direct Download]

The Mob is hitting the road in a few days for a second round of US cities they missed last time… if you caught them on the first leg of the tour, expect something a little different this time around.


A few months ago in a dark corner of Soma, a crew of scientists descended upon the Fritemare party and turned a maze of boxes, buttons, and wires into a 45-minute freak-out session. They proceeded to wreck shop with an experimental beat set that was truly more live performance than anything else happening outside rock music circles. These guys were Bay Area producers and DJs Mike Boo, Puzzle, and Asonic Garcia, forming an elite team known as Secret Sidewalk.  They may be humble dudes, but their live set revealed their true mission of injecting soul and chaotic expression into the laptop-dominated beatscape.

Depth Charge from Secret Sidewalk on Vimeo.

“Hailing from San Francisco and Oakland, Secret Sidewalk is Mike Boo,Puzzle,and Asonic Garcia. Their use of electronic tools such as samplers,synthesizers,and self-built sound modules is with an approach that’s of true musicianship. No programmed loops, no pressing play, its ALL LIVE here. they share the sensibilities of live beatsmiths, but their sound transcends to something much deeper and more complex. There is a wide range of interests and influences amongst the trio, which translates into a very diverse sound, from song to song, as you will hear in their live sets and on their recordings.  In April the band will debut their live set, and with many shows to follow and an album in the works, you will be seeing and hearing a lot of this band in the future. get ready.”

SecretSideWalk Document 1 4/5/2010 from Secret Sidewalk on Vimeo.

Bay Area let’s see these guys get booked at some parties and up the game! You can contact Secret Sidewalk at secretsidewalk510 (at) Also check them out on Vimeo and Soundcloud.

Eskmo - Cloudlight

Eskmo - “Cloudlight” video by Dugan O’neal